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Chandraprabha_Swami The temple of Lord Chandraprabha Swami: (Lord Chandraprabhaa Swami – 17 inches)
This temple of Lord Chandraprabha Swami is situated in a very secluded spot which was consecrated in the Vikram Samvat year 1701. The ceiling of this temple is amazingly adorned with many artistic engraving and Colorful statues are placed on all four sides of this ceiling.
As you descend 30 – 35 steps from this temple you reach the Gajpad Pond.
Gajpadkund (elephant feet pond):
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Meaning - The one who touches the astounding shrine of Shatrunjay, bows down to the pious mountains of Girnar (Raivatgiri) and takes a bath in the gajpad pond becomes free from the birth and death cycle.

Gajpad pond is also known as Gajendrapad or Hathi pagla pond (Gaj- Hathi means elephant and pad pagla means foot prints). References obtained from various Jain scriptures and documents as well as the Prabhaskhand of Skandpuran shows that this pond was created approximately between 13 – 15th centuries.

In one of the pillars of this reservoir, engravings of a Jain idol are visible. According to the Jain scriptures Shatrunjy Mahatmya, during the event of consecration of Lord Neminath’s main idol, Emprore Bharat Chakravati along with the chief disciples of Tirthankar had gathered. Even Indra, the King of all celestial beings, had came riding on his Airavan Elephant to witness the grand ceremony. To perform the ritual of showering, the idol with water constantly without any hindrances regarding the amount of water. Indra pressed one of the leg of his Airavan elephant firmly into the soil, thus creating a huge depression in which water from all the special rivers of the entire universe got accumulated. The Indra then used this divine water for the bathing ceremony of Lord Neminath’s idol.

By consuming or bathing with this potent water several diseases. Like cough, asthma, tuberculosis, leprosy are cured. The water of this reservoir is extremely sweet and pure. According to some stone inscriptions found dating back to Vikram Samvat year 1215, a wall was constructed surrounding this reservoir and several idols including that of Goddess Ambika were installed therein. Returning from Gajpadkund, one can directly come to the road near the main entrance of Uparkot (Dev kot) by entering from the window of the Kumarpal summit and coming out from Lord Neminath’s summit. Right across this main entrance, is a tourist rest house called Manoharbhuvan. Crossing this rest house, one can head towards the Mansang Bhojraj temple via Suraj pond.

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