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Glory of Girnar
It cannot be sung enough…
Glory of girnar The mountain of Girnar is eternal like that of Shatrunjay. At the end of the 5th era, when the height of Shatrunjay will reduce to 7 arm lengths, Girnar will stand 100 Dhanush (400 arms) tall.

Raivatgiri (Girnar) is the 5th peak of Shatrunjay mountain and is thus instrumental in endowing blessed souls with the 5th Knowledge i.e. kewalgyan.

This beautiful mountain of Girnar can be compared to the splendid Samovasran (congregation of devotees receiving a sermon from Lord). Its main peak resembles chaitya vriksh(tree) and the 7 smaller peaks are like the 3 different levels of the Samovasran. The 4 small mountains around the main mountain are like the 4 entrances of the Samovasran.

Innumerable Tirthankaras1 have visited Girnar and have attained moksha (salvation) here. Endless others have accepted renounciation and eventually attained enlightenment(kewalgyan) and moksha on this mountain.

In the previous cycle of 24 Tirthankaras – (1) Shri Namishwar, (2) Shri Anil, (3) Shri Yashodhar, (4) ShriKritarth, (5) Shri Jineshwar, (6) Shri Shuddhamati, (7) Shri Shivankar and (8) Shri Spandan – these 8 Tirthankaras renounced the world, attained enlightenment and finally salvation on this sacred mountain. while two other Tirthankaras attained only salvation here.

In the current cycle of 24 Tirthankaras, the 22nd Tirthankar Lord Neminath had renounced the world and attained omniscience in Sahasavan (forest of a 1000 mango trees) and eventually achieved complete liberation on the fifth summit of this high mountain.

In the next cycle of 24 Tirthankaras, (1) Shri Padmanabh, (2) Shri Surdev, (3) Shri Suparshwa, (4) Shri Swayamprabh, (5) Shri Sarvanubhuti, (6) Shri Devshrut, (7) Shri Uday, (8) Shri Podhal, (9) Shri Pottil, (10) Shri Satkirti, (11) Shri Suvrat, (12) Shri Amam, (13) Shri Nishkasha, (14) Shri Nishpulaak, (15) Shri Nirmam, (16) Shri Chitragupt, (17) Shri Samadhi, (18) Shri Samvar, (19) Shri Yashodhar, (20) Shri Vijay, (21) Shri Mallijin and (22) Shri Dev – these 22 Tirthankaras will attain salvation and (23) Shri Anantvirya and (24) Shri Bhadrakrut will accept monkhood (diksha), attain enlightenment and salvation on this holy mountain, Girnar.

By worshipping this sacred shrine, 8 brothers of Lord Neminath including Rahnemi, many princes such as Shamb and Pradyumna, 8 main queens of King Krishna, Sadhvi Rajmatishri and innumerable other souls have attained salvation here. King Krishna as a result of his devotional reverence and worship will become the 12thTirthankara, Lord Amam in the next cycle of 24 Tirthankaras and will attain salvation from here.

Inspired by the ceaseless faith and revelation of this pious shrine, the 5 sons (1) Kalmegh, (2) Meghnad, (3) Bhairav, (4) Ekpad and (5) Trailokyapad of a trader named Dhar sacrificed their lives and were reborn as the Kshetradhipatis (guardians) of this place.

When Vallabhipur was destroyed, the idol of Lord Neminath installed by Indra Maharaja there, was kept concealed somewhere in Girnar and the same idol is now the main idol of the glorious Girnar shrine.

The current idol of Lord Neminath is the oldest in the world which was installed by the Brahmendra:- celestial being from the 5thDevlok (heaven) during the era of Lord Sagar, the third Tirthankara of the previous cycle of 24 Tirthankaras. This idol was installed 84,785 years ago and it will be worshipped at the same place for the next 18,465 years, after which it will be taken to Patal Lok and will be worshipped there.

Indra Maharaja made a hole in the Girnar mountain with the help of his Vajra (his divine weapon) and built a temple of silver, having balconies of gold and installed a 120ft high idol of Lord Neminath made of black gemstone.

Indra Maharaja had made a similar east facing temple at the place where Lord Neminath attained salvation.

There was a time when Girnar was adorned with huge rocks called ChatraShila, AksharShila, GhantaShila, AnjanShila, GyanShila, BinduShilaand SiddhaShila.

Like Malayagiri, where all other trees become like the fragrant sandalwood; similarly the one visiting and worshipping Girnar with devotion and sincerity also becomes purified and free from heinous sins and deep bondages of the evil karmas.

Like the touch of parasmani2 converts iron into gold, similar is the sacred touch of Girnar.

A person worshipping Girnar does not suffer from poverty in this life as well as future lives.

Even beasts and birds residing in the holy mountain have achieved salvation in eight births.

The glorious Girnar shrine is a hoard of punya and is like a Tilak (ceremonial mark) on the forehead of this earth.

Several celestial gods and goddesses reside here for the fulfillment of their longings and desires.

Many saints, without eating anything else, survive only on pure air of this sacred mountain and perform strict penances and meditation in its unexposed caves.

Girnar is superior amongst all other tirthas, and its pilgrimage gives the fruits equivalent to the pilgrimage of all other teerthas put together.
The powerful sight and touch of this sacred place results in the eradication of all sins.

By worshipping this great mountain, vicious people as well as those suffering from dreadful diseases like leprosy are freed from suffering and blessed with happiness.

Due to the grace of this precious shrine, the divine trees like Kalpavriksha that adorn its high peak, fulfill the wishes of the faithful devotees. Smaller peaks, rivers, trees, kundas and every land of this enormous mountain is considered chaste.

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