Girnar Bhakti
Shwetambar Jain Mahatirth, Girnar
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About Jain Temples at Girnar
The Jain temples on the great shrine - Raivatgiri are an example of exceptional finesse and stunning craftsmanship. The dexterity, variety and beauty of the sculptures have lent an element of exclusivity to each of the Jain temples here. The splendid architecture seen here brings to mind fabulous reliefs seen in the temples of Abu - Delwara - Ranakpur and Jaisalmer. You just can't take your eyes off the captivating and magnificent temples and various idols.View Map
The temple of Lord Neminath
Lord Neminath
This magnificent and lofty dome shaped temple of Lord Neminath has a 41.6 feet wide and 44.6 feet long courtyard. The stunning 61 inches high idol of ...
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Merakvasi summit
The construction of the Panchmeru temple is extremely elegant. There are five Merus2 in this temple representing the five of the highest peaks. ...
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Sagram Soni summit
Sagram Soni
There are 52 temples here and the main temple is designed with a beautiful two storeyed hall. This ensures there is adequate arrangement for the women, ...
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Kumarpal summit
Crossing this pavilion, one enters the main temple and in the inner sanctum, an idol of Lord Abhinandan Swami is installed. This idol was consecrated ...
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The temple of Lord Chandraprabha
This temple of Lord Chandraprabha Swami is situated in a very secluded spot which was consecrated in the Vikram Samvat year 1701. The ceiling of ...
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The temple of Mansang Bhojraj
Mansang Bhojraj
This temple was erected by Sha Mansang Bhojraj who belonged to the Visha Oswal caste of the Kutch-Mandvi region. A beautiful idol of Lord Sambhavnath ...
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The temple of Vastupal - Tejpal
Vastupal Tejpal
In this temple, there are three interconnected temples. These temples had been constructed by the efficient ministers of Gurjar state, Vastupal and Tejpal ...
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The temple of Gumasta
In the porch behind the temple of Vastupal - Tejpal, is the temple by the name of Gumasta which has Lord Sambhavnath as its main idol. Since it has ...
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King Samprati's summit
King Samprati
Heading north from the temple of Vastupal - Tejpal, one comes to King Samprati's summit. King Samprati, the ruler of Magadh, belonged to the Chandragupta Maurya ...
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The temple of Gyanvav
Descending down the northern slope near the temple of King Samprati, the gate to the right leads one to Gyanvav. Entering the open field from the northern gate ...
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The temple of Dharamchand ...
Dharamchand Hemchand
Exiting from the main gate, the firsrt temple on the way is the temple of merchant Dharamchand Hemchand also known as the temple of Khada. The main idol is ...
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The temple of Malla
Climbing approximately 35-40 steps further ahead from the temple of Dharamchand Hemchand, one sees the temple of Malla on the right. The main idol ...
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Chaumukhji Temple
Chaumukhji Temple
In the Chaumukhji temple, there are four idols, each facing one of the four directions. Currently, facing North is the idol of Lord Naminath, facing East ...
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The temple of Rahnemi
At an ascent of about 350 steps from the Gaumukhi Ganga, is the temple of Rahnemi on the right with a black coloured idol of Rahnemi. This idol was coated with ...
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