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Chaumukhji Temple Chaumukhji Temple (The temple of the four faced idol): (Lord Neminath – 25 inches)
In the Chaumukhji temple, there are four idols, each facing one of the four directions. Currently, facing North is the idol of Lord Naminath, facing East is Lord Suparshwanath, facing South is the idol of Lord Chandraprabha Swami and West facing is the idol of Lord Munisuvrat Swami. There are inscriptions at the base platform indicating that these were consecrated in the Vikram Samvat year 1511 by Acharya Jinharshsuriji. This temple also goes by the name of Shamla Parshwanath. The reason behind this can be assumed that sometime in the past the main idol could have been that of Lord Shamla (black) Parshwanath, but this is just an assumption. The actual reason is yet a mystery. Inside the temple, one can see four pillars standing on four corners of the inner platform, each having idols of 24 Tirthankars on it, totalling to 96 idols in all. These four pillars resemble the ‘Chauri’ used in marriage ceremonies. Hence, this temple is also called the ‘Chauriwala’ temple.

During the Vikram Samvat year of 2058, it appears that while coating these idols with holy plaster, mistakenly, the symbol of Lord Neminath was engraved in the main idol and the symbol of Lord Chandraprabha Swami were engraved on the remaining 3.

At an ascent of about 70-80 steps from the Chaumukhji temple, on the left is the road that leads to Sahasavan, the place where Lord Neminath renounced the world and attained omniscience and on the right, climbing about 15-20 steps is the Gaumukhi Ganga.

Gaumukhi (Cow faced) Ganga
Entering Gaumukhi Ganga, several small temples with idols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses are seen. On the right of these small temples, is a pathway leading downwards to the basement. There you can see the footprints of 24 Tirthankars installed in a hollow on the left. In front of each of the pair of footprints, the name of the Tirthankar has been engraved. The administration of the Gaumukhi Ganga is currently managed by the saints of the Hindu sect whereas the administration and worship of the footprints of Tirthankar Lords is handled by the Office of Devchand Lakshmichand Trust.

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