Girnar Bhakti
Shwetambar Jain Mahatirth, Girnar
Glory of Girnar
Glory of Girnar There are tiny concealed wells on Girnar which are invisible to the common man and are capable of converting matter into gold and fulfilling all the desires of the pilgrims.

The soil of this energetic land, when combined with oil or ghee and burnt in fire becomes gold. However, this is possible only under the guidance of a knowledgeable person.

All types of seasonal flowers bloom throughout the year in the Bhadrashal forest. These forests are filled with sweet water, fragrant flowers and fruits,and have become a play ground for the Indra (head of celestial gods and goddesses).

All living creatures residing on the peaks of Girnar-be it in water, earth or in the sky attain salvation in 3 lives. The trees and minute organisms in the soil, water, air and fire also gradually pave their way towards salvation.

People who donate their wealth, earned through legitimate means on this great land attain all sorts of wealth and luxuries in their future lives.

Noble, elevated souls who perform penance even for a day in Girnar become worthy of being served by the celestial gods and goddesses, men and women.

Anybody who fasts here for a day (upvas), for 2 days (chath), for 3 days (attham) and so on is blessed with all happiness and pleasures and eventually attains salvation.

Pilgrims coming to Girnar and worshipping Lord Neminath achieve the highest happiness of salvation in a short time. Those who cannot come to Girnar, but contemplate on Girnar with pure thoughts, even sitting at home, achieve complete liberation in their fourth life.

The pious peaks, rivers, streams, minerals and trees of this holy mountain give happiness and joy to all living beings.

On the occasion of the installation (Pratishtha) of Lord Neminath on Girnar Mountain, the rivers of all the three worlds had descended in the huge Gajendrapad pond for providing water to shower the Lord.

Mere touch of the pure waters of the GajendrapadKund on Girnar washes off the sins of several lives of a person.

A person who showers the idol of Lord Neminath with water from Gajpadkund, after taking bath with the same water purifies his soul and frees it from sins and vices.

A person drinking water from this pond gets cured from physical diseases such as asthma, depression, diseases of stomach, gynac problems etc. as well as the dreadful disease like karmas afflicting the soul.

Varied divine medicines, herbs for making divine concoctions and processes for making gold etc. are available on this Girnar Mountain.

Even if the shadow of a bird flying over this holy shrine touches it the bird achieves salvation in a short time.

The renounciation and enlightenment of Lord Neminath took place in the Sahsavan forest on Girnar. Crores of Gods made arrangements for the first and the last samovasaran (ceremonial sermon) of Lord Neminath in the forest of Sahsavan (Laksharamvan) on Girnar.

Records show that 24 temples of gold were built at Sahsavan on Girnar.

Krishna Vasudev(King who rules three continents) created three temples in Sahsavan where the presiding deities were made of silver, gold and precious gems.

In a cave in Sahsavan, 72 idols are installed belonging to the previous, current and the future cycles of 24 Tirthankaras each.

Jain monk Rahnemiji and nun Rajimatishreeji attained salvation in Sahsavan.

Sahsavan has a unique Samovasaran temple with an ancient idol of Lord Neminath.

On the first summit of Girnar Mountain, there are 14 unique Jain temples which gleam like shining pearls on this green carpet like mountain.

There is only one temple in entire country where the presiding deity is not a Tirthankara and this temple is of liberated soul Rahanemiji Lord
Neminath’s brother on this Girnar.

The grace of Adishtayika, guardian of the glorious shrine of Girnar Shri Ambikadevi, who helped stalwarts like Shri Hemchandracharyaji,
Shri Bappabhattasuriji, Shri Vastupal-Tejpal,Shri Pethad Shah and other such great souls in their attempts to spread the glory of Jainism is also experienced on this mountain.

Without the pilgrimage of Girnar, one’s soul is not cleansed of sins, sorrows and is not freed from the cycle of rebirth and death.

One who establishes four fold religious order which includes jain monks, nuns , male & female householders.

Parasmani:- A legendary gem very rarely seen to have an ability to turn Base-metal into gold.

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