Girnar Bhakti
Shwetambar Jain Mahatirth, Girnar
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Gyanvav The temple of Gyanvav: (Lord Sambhavnath - 15 inches)
Descending down the northern slope near the temple of King Samprati, the gate to the right leads one to Gyanvav. Entering the open field from the northern gate, one comes across the temple of the four faced idol in which the idol of Lord Sambhavnath is considered as the main one.

One can reach the Bheem pond and the temple of Lord Chandraprabha Swami, walking downwards from this temple. It appears that there might have been plans to construct 24 temples of 24 Tirthankar (Lords) in the northern direction behind the Bheem pond, but that plan was aborted for whatever reason, yet unknown.

After paying respects at the temple of Gyanvav, one can reach the gate of the fort by walking up southwards from this temple, passing by the temple of King Samprati and then climbing additional 50 steps eastwards. Upon exiting the gate of the fort, one can see "Level 3100 feet" and "2 miles" engraved in Gujrati language on stones there. Located another 50 steps further, is the temple of merchant Dharamchand Hemchand on the left.

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