Girnar Bhakti
Shwetambar Jain Mahatirth, Girnar
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King Samprati King Samprati’s summit: (Lord Neminath – 57 inches):
Heading north from the temple of Vastupal – Tejpal, one comes to King Samprati’s summit. King Samprati, the ruler of Magadh, belonged to the Chandragupta Maurya clan and was the grandson of emperor Ashok. He had accepted the Jain religion and lived his life according to the preachings and guidance of Aacharya Suhastisuri Maharaj Saheb. He used to rule the city of Ujjain, approximately in the Samvat year 226. His name went down in history as the benevolent constructor of 125,000 Jain temples and installer of 12,500,000 Jain idols.

Currently only the south facing door of this temple is kept open. The walls outside this temple are exquisitely carved. The connoisseurs of sculpting architecture are dazzled with the fragile delicacy of the chiseling here. The various forms of carvings here, serve as a tool for elementary sculptors in their pursuit to excel in the art of sculpting.

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