Girnar Bhakti
Shwetambar Jain Mahatirth, Girnar
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Kumarpal summit: (Lord Abhinandan Swami – 23 inches)
Here you first enter a huge pavilion surrounding the main temple on all four sides.
Crossing this pavilion, one enters the main temple and in the inner sanctum, an idol of Lord Abhinandan Swami is installed. This idol was consecrated in the Vikram Samvat year 1875 by Aacharya Jinendrasuri. In the northern courtyard of this temple, there is a well named Dedki vaav, where several damaged statues removed from the main temples during earlier restorations are found.
Bheemkund Bheemkund (The reservoir named Bheem):
The large Bheem reservoir is about 70 feet long and 50 feet wide. It is believed to have been created in the fifteenth century. Even in the scorching heat of the summer, the water in this reservoir remains cool. In one of the walls of this reservoir, stone carvings of a Jain idol along with a male and female devotee with folded hands is seen.

Walking along the western banks of the reservoir, one comes across a series of north facing steps that leads you downwards to the small temple of Nagimata wherein a mass of stone is worshipped. An idol of Lord Neminath is seen in the hollow of the left wall and an idol of the presiding Goddess Ambika Devi is located in the hollow of the right wall of this reservoir.

The unfinished dome on the roof of this courtyard indicates that some construction work was left incomplete due to some reasons. Further, is a crude path that leads you towards the temple of Lord Chandraprabha Swami.

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