Girnar Bhakti
Shwetambar Jain Mahatirth, Girnar
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Sagram Soni Sagram Soni summit: (Lord Sahastrafana Parshwanath – 29 inches)
There are 52 temples here and the main temple is designed with a beautiful two storeyed hall. This ensures there is adequate arrangement for the women, who are seated on the upper level while performing various rituals. Proceeding from this hall, as one enters the main sanctum the idol of Lord Sahastrafana Parshwanath catches your eyes. Aacharya Jinendrasuri carried out the consectration of this idol in the Vikram Samvat year 1859. The height of the dome in this sanctum ranges from 35-40 feet and appears to be far greater than the others.The steeple of this temple is the tallest among all other temples in Girnar.

The temple is named after Sagram or Sangram Soni but there has been enough documentative proof presented by experts to prove that it was actually reconstructed by Samarsinh Malde.The exit from the northern gate of the periphery of this temple, a path leads you to Kumarpal summit. To the right of this path are the Doctor and Girdhar reservoirs.

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