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Lord Neminath The temple of Lord Neminath
This magnificent and lofty dome shaped temple of Lord Neminath has a 41.6 feet wide and 44.6 feet long courtyard. The stunning 61 inches high idol of Lord Neminath – the jewel of Girnar is installed in the sanctum. Just by catching a glimpse of this tranquil and captivating black coloued idol, tired pilgrims are not just revived from the weariness of the climb but the exhaustion of their constant birth – death cycle is also forgotten. This main idol of Lord Neminath is currently the most ancient idol in the entire world about 20 koda kodi sagaropams old. Head of the celestial beings of the fifth heaven – Brahmendra had got this idol made during the era of Lord Sagar – third Tirthankar in the previous cycle of 24 Tirthankars. 2000 years after the salvation of Lord Neminath, a Jain householder named Ratnasar came along with his congregation of pilgrims all the way from Kashmir and prayed with unprecedented devotion. This invoked Goddess Ambika, and with her assistance, he procured this divine idol and had it installed here. This idol has been worshipped for innumerable years in fifth heaven and thereafter during the existence of Lord Neminath, it was worshipped in the city of Dwarika in the home built temple of King Krishna. Lord Neminath has said that after the consectration by Ratnasar, this idol will be worshipped at Girnar for 1, 03,250 years until the end of the fifth era of this time cycle. Thereafter it will be taken by the presiding Goddess of Jainism to Netherland (which is below the human land and above hell) and will be worshipped there. This way, this idol will be worshipped in all the three planes of existence1 the hell,heaven and human land. It has been approximately 84, 786 years since the installation of the idol here and many occasions of restoration work on this temple have taken place from time to time.

In the periphery surrounding the main idol are several idols of various Tirthankar Lords, Celestial beings guarding this shrine and statues of highly knowledgeable and great Jain monks are also found. In the main temple, lies another sanctum 21 feet wide and 38 feet long. In the center of this sanctum are two platforms on which approximately 840 foot prints are consecrated in the Vikram Samvat year of 1694.In the periphery outside the temple, starting from the west, one can see marble carving of the Nandishwardveep, marble carved replica of Sammetshikharji and Shatrunjay, marble plates depicting the life of Lord Neminath and footprints of many great Acharyas who have come in Lord Mahavir hierarchy. In a room located in the periphery, there are footprints of Lord Adinath, nun Rajimatashriji and an idol of Aacharya Nitisuri Maharaj, who was instrumental in getting the restoration of Girnar shrine done during 1920 – 1985(V.S). In the same room in an underground cellar, there is an ancient captivating idol of Lord Amijhara Parshwanath, 23rd Tirthankar of the current era which is 51 inches tall, white in colour and made during King Samprati’s region. Such are its miraculous powers that anyone gazing at it continuously enters a trance like state and experiences a different level of spiritual happiness. One special feature of this idol are its finely carved nails.
The small temple of Shri Ambikadevi
There is a beautiful idol of Shri Ambikadevi, the presiding Goddess of this great shrine of Girnar and the attendant deity to Lord Neminath, whose impact is truly matchless. Pay your homage here, thank the Goddess for a smooth climb and enter the main temple.
Ambika Devi
Jagmal Gordhan The temple of Jagmal Gordhan : (Lord Adinath - 31 inches)
Right behind the main temple of Lord Neminath, lies the temple of Lord Adinath. The consecration of this temple was carried out by Jagmal Gordhan of the Porval sect, under the able guidance of Aacharya Vijay Jinendrasuri in the Vikram Samvat year 1848. Jagmal Gordhan used to manage the administrative accounts of the shrine of Girnar and was even the care taker of the temples. A city square near Uparkot in the city of Junagadh has been named after him as Jagmal chowk. Heading outwards from the northern exit of the periphery of Lord Neminath summit, a flight of stairs lead you downwards towards 3 temples.

The plane of existence where celestial beings or Dev lives is called Devlok, Swarglok or heaven, the general term for the abode of the demons is patal, a part of narak lok or hell, while the collective space where we the mortals live is called mrutyulok or manushyalok. These are the three planes of existence or teen lokas.

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