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The temple of Malla: (Lord Shantinath – 21 inches)
Climbing approximately 35-40 steps further ahead from the temple of Dharamchand Hemchand, one sees the temple of Malla on the right. The main idol in this temple is that of Lord Shantinath. Since the restoration work in this temple was carried out by Joravar Mallaji, it is known as the temple of Malla

The cave of Rajmati
Moving a few steps further south from the Malla temple, a huge rock with a hollow underneath can be seen. One has to bend in order to enter the hollow. Inside the hollow is an idol of Rajul- Rahnemi, approximately 1.5-2 feet in height, because of which this place is known as the cave of Rajul.
The cave of Premchand (The cave of Gorji):
Exiting the cave of Rajul, as you walk southwards, the narrow road to the left leads you to the Satpuda reservoir and the unpaved bushy road to the right takes you to a huge rock on the edge of the mountain. The famous cave of Premchand lies underneath this rock.

Since this cave is located close to the valley, one has to tread carefully to enter the cave. Many great souls have meditated in this cave. A noble saint, Shri Premchand Maharaj, was one of them. He was an expert in the science of Yoga and observed meditation here for a long time. He had come here in search of his peer Kapurchandji. It is believed that Kapurchandiji was able to take many forms (i.e. change the human body) and was even able to fly/ walk in the sky. This cave belongs to the Devchand Lakshmichand Trust and they have been carrying out restoration of this cave. (Right behind the office of Devchand Lakshmichand trust, located in the foothills of the Girnar Mountain’s Taleti( the region of mountain foot), near the Adinath temple there is a small temple with the foot prints of Premchand Maharaj. There is an inscription there dated Vikram Samvat year 1921 and besides it, there is another set of footprints belonging to Dayalchandji Maharaj which also has an inscription bearing to Vikram Samvat year 1922). If you by pass the cave and head eastwards, the narrow road takes one to Bilkha, via Patvad.

Coming out of the Premchand cave, the main steps of the mountain can be accessed. At an ascent of about 90 steps, is the Chaumukhji temple (the temple of the four faced idol). Along the way, to the right is a temple belonging to the Digambar sect.

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