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Vastupal – Tejpal The temple of Vastupal – Tejpal: (Lord Shamla Parshwanath – 43 inches)
In this temple, there are three interconnected temples. These temples had been constructed by the efficient ministers of Gurjar state, Vastupal and Tejpal during the Vikram Samvat years 1232-1242. Currently the main idol is of Lord Shamla (black) Parshwanath. The consecration of this idol was carried out by the Jain monk Jayanandsuri Maharaj Saheb, a disciple of Aacharya Devsuri who belonged to the disciple lineage of Aacharya Pradyumnasuri. It was carried out in the Vikram Samvat year 1306. The hall of this temple is 29.5 feet wide and 53 feet long. The halls of the remaining two temples are 38.5 x 38.5 feet in dimension.

There are about 6-7 stone inscriptions in this temple, which dates back to Vikram Samvat year 1288. Four of these inscriptions bear references to Vastupal and his wife Lalitadevi, who built the temples of Lord Ajitnath and others. There is a note crediting Vastupal and his second wife Sokhuladevi for building two other temples. Several other inscriptions bear testimony to the fact that they have installed several other idols and footprints of various Tirthankar (Lords) in different other shrines..

In the temple on the left of the main temple, a four faced idol (i.e. four idols in four directions) is placed in replica of the Samavasran. Three of these idols are of Lord Parshwanath, with inscriptions dating the installation to the Vikram samvat year 1556 and the fourth one is that of Lord Chandraprabha Swami, with inscriptions dating the installation to the Vikram Samvat year 1485. .

In the temple to the right, all 4 idols are seen atop a round Meru. Of these, the idol of Lord Suparshwanath faces the west and there are two idols of Lord Neminath - one facing the north and the other to the east. All three idols were installed in the Vikram Samvat year 1546. The fourth idol faces south and is that of Lord Chandraprabha Swami..

The splendid carvings, artistically arched and colonnaded corridors, beautiful Jain idols, portray various historical events. The carved pictures are absolutely enticing. The spacious arrangement with four idols in four directions is quite pleasing to the eyes..

This temple built by King Samprati has an idol of Lord Neminath as its main idol. The inscription on the base of this idol dates its consecration to Vikram Samvat year 1519. In a niche outside the sanctum of the main idol, there is an idol which has been identified as that of Goddess Chakeshwari in some scriptures and as Goddess Ambika in some others. Consequently, the hallow encasing the idol has been named varyingly at different times. Considering the information available, the idol can be clearly seen as that of Goddess Saraswati as the Goddess is shown mounted on a swan and has a lute in one hand and a book in the other hand. Besides these idols, there are 24 other wonderful idols, including one that is 53 inches tall in a standing meditative position. .
There is also another large hall built outside this hall..
The entrance to this temple appears to be two storeyed.

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